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Author Topic: The "social arena" of electronic evidence  (Read 21160 times)

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The "social arena" of electronic evidence
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:05:53 PM »
Whitin the framework of our work package the following phenomena were studied.

a. The types of actors involved in the introduction of electronic evidence in courts (on a national, European, or global scale, depending on the case)

b. A prima facie estimate, based on existing information, of the market of electronic evidence (quantitative assessment of the various types of actors; current expenditure on technological solutions in the field of electronic evidence).

We have some types of actors having a direct “interest” in electronic evidence, i.e., those public and private actors involved in handling the electronic evidence, and those providing technical solutions and assistance in this field. We have also some types of actors that play an indirect role, since they are part of a broader political, social, economic context influencing the introduction and the use of electronic evidence in courts, in general terms.

From the analysis there emerges a comprehensive framework, characterized by the presence and action of numerous actors, with specific orientations and strategies about the introduction and use of electronic evidence. These actors were not always in agreement nor did they always coordinate with each other, in a context of rapid change which, however, requires more interaction, and common rules and standards. It is clear, therefore, that policies in support of the introduction of electronic evidence in courts cannot disregard this complexity.